Kids & Graduates


Experience shows us that the younger someone is when exposed to giving, the bigger the horizons that open up before that person, which may steer them towards positive destinies. In order to reach ever younger children, we developed the HOSHEN PROGRAM. HOSHEN is the Hebrew acronym for “Friends of Giving”, a program designed for children under 12.

Activities with these kids include educational content through dialogue, games, stories and plays, in which we focus on themes of mutual help and assistance. This activity promotes social awareness and sensitivity towards weak and different populations, from a young age. We are now at the last stage of running successful pilot programs of HOSHEN groups in Kiryat Gat and in Jerusalem.


Although SAHI is a youth program, we are proud of the more than 400 graduates over 18. We stand by our graduates and help them face the challenges of young people taking their first steps in the adult world.

Our graduate program being launched now is called MASHAKIM, an acronym for “Neighborhood and Community Leaders”. In the program, our graduates receive personal mentorship to help them fulfill their personal dreams and to turn them into meaningful leaders in the neighborhoods where they reside.